A Little Bit About Me…

“Style is saying what you want others to hear without uttering a word.” 

From the beginning, I knew style. Both my parents had a unique way of dressing and of course, they dressed me. With fashion being an integral part of my family’s household, it’s natural for me to enjoy fashion and style as I grew up.

Over the years, I’ve worked to obtain many skills to become unique in this industry. I began modeling then started photography and styling, and eventually I added branding, marketing. Now with this blog, you are witnessing my journey into designing.

I attended The University of Memphis earning my Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing Management and my Master’s Degree in Strategic Leadership.

While studying for my Bachelor’s degree, I founded Memphis Fashion Group. Memphis Fashion Group is a business consulting and coaching firm that specializes in the fashion industry and stylish companies. Although MFG is based in Memphis, we have clients across the globe. I love helping others, so don’t hesitate to contact me.