Top Style Trends for Fall 2015

The season is here! Layers, boots, jackets and new trends will hit the streets. Let’s cover a few trends you may want to try this season.

The Flounced Hem

Add a bit of femininity to your looks with a flounced hem. We have seen it with the peplum tops and dresses but this season, it will be all about the hem on dresses and skirts.


Car Wash Pleats

The car wash pleat is a variation of fringe that looks good on just about anyone. Large separated pleats that dangle over your legs will add a bit of glamour and femininity to your look.



Ponchos & Capes

Whether western style or modern chic, ponchos and capes will be the “it girl” warm up for this fall/winter.




The look of luxury, softness and glamour, velvet will get it’s time to shine this fall/winter.



Victorian Inspired Styles

The look of the 19th century has emerged once again. Modest, feminine and romantic fashion including ruffles, lace, bows and concealed necks in loose draping with eye-catching patterns and cuts.



Floral Prints

Perhaps the most feminine pattern in fashion, floral prints will still be on trend this fall. Instead of pastel and light tone backgrounds, winter floral will be contrasted with black and dark tones.