Themify Review

When I first started my online presence on WordPress, I discovered the best web design builder out there. This was before other came on the market and grew in popularity. I tried Divi and X, but Themify was the best in my opinion. The CSS code is easy to understand and customize especially since I’m a self-taught coder.

The options given in the Ultra theme’s customize section are plentiful.

With every Themify theme you are able to custom each page and post. There are options for sidebars, images, page width, and titles.

There are times when clients need a website up and running within a couple days and thankfully, I am able to deliver. When I tell clients that I can design a website to look however they wish, it’s all because of the Themify Builder. With module features such as buttons, sliders, icons, CTA, timelines, images, and list the goes on.

To make it even easier, there are pre-made layouts that are easy to edit.


I have been using Themify for about 5 years and I love it. Great designs, functionality, and support. Okay, so I just sang all the praises for Themify and I know you are wondering, “Is it really that good? I know there has to be something she doesn’t like.”. And, you are right. A few of the cons about the Themify Builder is that some features can be improved such as the Pro-Slider module. It doesn’t function as great as I would like so I find myself using the free Slider option. But despite this con, Themify Builder is the only builder I use to create websites.