Street Chic Style: Egyptian Edition


I found this King Tut Sweatshirt at Plato’s Closet a couple months ago. I was reluctant to wearing it because the fit was a bit loose for a cropped shirt. As I was getting dressed Sunday, I knew I wanted to wear something comfortable and stylish. I decided to give this sweatshirt another try…It’s lightweight and was perfect for Spring weather.

I stood in the mirror for a while and asked myself, “How can I make this shirt look better?” I did a bit of tucking mentally preparing myself to go into my sewing room and adjust some hems. Once I tucked the front in a bit, I saw how much of a difference an inch off the front would make. “Yep, this is it!”, I thought. I immediately grabbed my dandelion Puma wedge sneakers out the box. I was ready to enjoy the day in a chic street style look.

Style Tip: Don’t dismiss a garment based on fit without exploring the option of adjustment. If you do not sew or own a sewing machine, safety pins are your friend. Now, go in your closet and pull out that piece you have been wanting to wear, adjust, secure and enjoy your day in style!


Sweatshirt: Thrifted    Shades: WOODIES Bamboo Sunglasses   Earrings: My own design   Clutch: Coach   Watch: Apple Watch with Double Wrap Band   Shoes: Puma Classic Wedge Sneaker

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