Instagram, Facebook & Photo Policies

Yesterday, released an article stating the new intellectual property policies for Instagram that will take effect in January 2013.

You can read it here:
The new policies will give Facebook to the right to use and/or sell any photo posted by users on the Instagram platform without retribution or notification to the account user.  This news release has many people upset and ready to delete their Instagram accounts. The interesting part is the policies are Facebook policies, not Instagram’s. Facebook is already “selling” photos within the ads on your sidebar. Those photos are posted by users and Facebook place them in ads businesses pay for. They don’t pay the user or notify them. A few months ago, there was a flood of “copyright ownership” statuses many people (mostly artists) on their timeline stating no one had the right to use any photo that was posted on Facebook without the owner’s permission. In all respect for everyone’s intellectual property, posting that status did not protect you from general Facebook photo policies.
There is some difference with the new Instagram policies and the current Facebook policies. Although Facebook does use member’s photos for ads, they do not share user content with third parties. There is a way to opt out. In account settings, under “Facebook Ads” you can decide how Facebook uses the content you post. Please pay attention to new privacy notifications as they appear in your email or newsfeed. In the account settings there is some implication that they may share information with third parties in the future.
As a business owners and artists, Facebook and Instagram has enabled us to reach and engage with customers therefore refusing to use one of the largest and powerful social media sites isn’t an option. One way to share your work on Facebook without risk to your copyright is to make sure you place watermarks on your images in a conspicuous location before you share it on Instagram or Facebook.

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