I Designed My Own African Print Fabric!

I was scrolling my facebook newsfeed one day and I saw a post by Memphis Brooks Museum. They partnered with Spoonflower for a fabric print design contest. The Brooks Museum was planning an exhibition called African Print Fashion Now! that will be on display until August 2018.

Designing fabric prints has been on my  ‘things I want to do list” for some time now.  For over a year, I’ve been creating exclusive custom prints for a fashion company. That opportunity has aided in the development of techniques that I could use to create my own textile prints. After months of putting it off, I finally made MY OWN print!

This is Sunset in Africa…


I shared my contest entry with my facebook friends with hopes of winning. I received bunches of support and I was grateful. The grand prize was $500 and the winning design will be included in the Memphis exhibition.

On the day the winner was announced, I woke up like a kid on Christmas morning ready to see how I placed with hopes of being the winner. After several page refreshes and Spoonflower’s site crashing, I saw the top 10 and I wasn’t one of them. I looked for the top 25 but didn’t see where they were listed. I patted myself on the back for at least trying, knowing that getting it done was an accomplishment on its own. Later that day, while fulfilling Know Definition orders, I get an inbox from Amanda Saucier congratulating me on placing 11th out of 326 entries! I was shocked and went back online to see for myself. And there it is on the blog, my print in the header! I made the Top 25!!!

Here’s the fabric that was printed by one of the companies I use for custom fabric prints. It looks beautiful!!!