Fashion Swap Find

Let me tell ya’ll the story behind this duster jacket. A friend hosted a clothing swap earlier this year. I arrived semi-late so most of the good stuff was already gone. Originally, I didn’t plan on getting anything. I was just hanging out with the last group of people that were there. We were kind of playing dress up and discussing how to style the pieces that we tried on. Someone gave me the duster and said, “Girl, this will look cute on you. Try it on.” I did and it fit well so I brought it home.

I keep a stash of thrifted items in my closet that I hold on to but never wear until I find the perfect pairings. These vintage Original Jeanjer demin shorts was one of those items. As I stated in a previous post, I usually don’t wear shorts but this year I’m stepping out my style comfort zone.I accessorized with some vintage Napier and Avon jewelry to bring the set together. And as you can see, this look is IT!

Tip: Comfort zones are hindering your style glow-up. You better step out to stand out!