Digging in the Archives Part1

As I was looking for photographs to print and add to my website, I ran across some of my favorites from my first year of photography. During that time, I was shooting nature and art as I learned my craft before I ventured into fashion photography. I really enjoyed it!

During that first year of my photographic journey, I would go out and shoot whatever I saw (I still do that, actually). One day after a brief rain, I stepped out on my porch and noticed the bush…It looks so relaxed and serene, like fresh out a hot shower. I ran inside and grabbed my camera and starting shooting.  

Many times I took my camera down to the riverside to take some random shots of my kids. One Sunday we stayed until sunset and I photographed it. Yeah, I know everyone has a sunset shot but this one was a first for me and I just love the colors in it. The golden hues seem to strengthen me.